Mars transit in scorpio vedic astrology

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Pregnant women must take utmost care of themselves. As a remedy, chant the mantras of 'Lord Shiva', as much as you can. Leo Mars will transit in the 12th house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Expenditures, Foreign Travels, Hidden Enemies and Hospitalization. You will witness a sudden surge in expenditures and the inflow of income might also slow down during this time. Difference in opinions with your mother will disturb the peace of your mind and the health of your mother might also see a deterioration.

Do not take any decision related to the matters of real estate during this time and also defer the purchase of any vehicle in this transit. Be alert as far as your enemies are concerned as they might try to harm you, although they won't succeed in their malefic intentions as long as you remain vigilant of any propaganda they might run to trap you. Still waiting for the Wedding Bells to ring?

Mars will transit in the 11th house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Gains, Income and Realization of Desires. You will get some gains out of your efforts but eventually, those gains will not be satisfactory when compared to the amount of efforts that you put in. Consistent hard work with patience is the only approach that you should follow as slowly, everything will fall into place. As remedies, chant the mantras of 'Lord Shiva' and donate articles associated with Mangal Mars such as red lentils, to pacify its negative influence upon you.

Can I earn by speculation in the market? There will be an obstruction in the source of your income as well as you might find things not conducive for your career growth at your workplace. Do not argue with your boss or anyone from the higher authority and maintain a low profile. Your suggestion in the professional domain might be taken in the wrong sense, so avoid making any unsolicited advice. The health of your life-partner is at risk during this time. Mars will transit in the 9th house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Spirituality, Luck and Foreign Travels.

As a result, luck will not completely favour you during this time. If you have been planning for a foreign travel then its better that you defer that till this transit of Mars in the sign of Cancer gets over as it will not prove to be a beneficial travel. On the contrary, plan a visit to a spiritual place that will ward off the negative effects associated with this transit and elevate the luck or fortune element of your life.

How is the most important aspect of your life!

Tranist of Planets

Ask Our Experts. Sagittarius Mars will transit in the 8th house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Obstacles, Age, Sudden Gains or Losses, Occult Science and Inheritance. Astrological combinations of getting hurt while driving are getting formed due to debilitation of Mars as per your horoscope, so drive with extreme caution.

Your health might also take a sudden downturn during this time, especially your stomach. Avoid junk food and follow a healthy dietary and exercise regime during this time. If you have children, then you are likely to have issues while dealing with them or simply the way in which your child or children are behaving, will disturb the peace of your mind.

The key is to have more and more dialogue with them and try to patiently simmer down the differences between you and them.

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Mars will transit in the 7th house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Marriage, Life-Partner, Business and Partnership. Those married couples who are going through a rough patch in their marriage must avoid arguments that could further deteriorate their marital harmony.

Any more differences or bickering might take an extremely ugly turn and might result in separation as well. So, if you really want to resolve your relationship issues, then you better set your differences aside and genuinely work towards restoring the marital bliss that you have lost. Aquarius Mars will transit in the 6th house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Competition, Job, Loans, Litigation, Enemies and Ailments.

Mars Transit: Know The Effect Of Planet Mars

You will face a lot of problems in your job during this time. Stay away from office politics and your statements are likely to be misinterpreted, so speak only when it is necessary and avoid loose talks. Your enemies will become stronger during this time and will try to lure you into their trap, so be careful. Chances of an ailment of the past coming again to bother you are high, therefore do not take even the minutest of change in terms of your health, for granted.

If you are going through a legal issue, then things will not work in your favour during this time. As a remedy, feed a Cow as frequently as you can if possible then regularly. Mars will transit in the 5th house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Intelligence, Love, Speculation and Children. If have children, then this debilitated Mars in your horoscope will give you problems associated with children. Their health is also at risk, so keep a close watch on what they eat.

Transit of Planets in , Panchang - Shrivinayaka Astrology

Your love relationship with your partner is likely to go through a bumpy ride with you and your partner getting entangled into baseless arguments and bickering. Be patient and make conscious efforts to arrive at a resolution rather than heating the dispute further up, because endless arguments will only increase the bitterness.

If you are a student then you will loose focus and your attention will shift from academics to elsewhere. Pregnant women must take utmost care of them as chances of complications during this time are high. As remedies, worship 'Lord Shiva' with a devoted heart and donate red lentils to pacify the negative effects of a disturbed Mangal Mars. Want to get rid of all disputes of property? As evident from above, Mars will be negative for all signs during its transit in Cancer because of being in a debilitated state. However, the degree and nature of negative effects will depend upon a lot of factors as there are other planets that are equally in play in one's personal horoscope and one must not ignore the broad based transitory movement of other planets in the Zodiac Belt as well.

So, we urge you consult with the highly experienced astrologers of Future Point to get your personal horoscope thoroughly analyzed and get incredibly powerful remedies that are specific to your own horoscope. So don't wait and act smartly to take the charge of your own destiny by incorporating the divine wisdom of Vedic Astrology in your life!

October 4, 12222

Kundli is the basis of Vedic Astrology and acts as the astrological chart to calculate the future of an individual. But, with evolving technologies, our path to attain the truth has deviated too! Mars Transit for Gemini: Mars transit brings indications of rise in power and position in your career, Gemini, as starts. Income would rise around February and you may apply for a loan in this period. Favorable short trips are on the cards around August and September You may benefit from your younger siblings in this period.

November and December seem bright for students. Spend wisely around July and August, as your expenses are likely to rise. Destiny would favor you, as favorable long journeys are possible as the year starts. Your savings, as well as income, seem to improve around August Be careful towards the hearth of your parents around the end of The months of July and August seem sluggish for your career and children related matters. Mars Transit for Leo: Mars transit for Leo shows a rise in confidence and courage near August. The year would start with possible sudden gains, followed by rise in spirituality.

You should avoid traveling during this time, Leo. Matters related to 2nd marriage are favored during March Expenses seem to rise around July , though competition would significantly reduce now. Luxuries and profits from property would rise near the end of Mars Transit for Virgo: Virgo, Mars transit might affect your marriage life with the start of Expenses seem to rise around August along with chances of traveling abroad.

Take care of your health around October , as your anger and stress might rise.

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Near the end of , income as well as savings seems lower than expected. The months of July and parts of August favor your financial condition. Mars Transit for Libra: With Mars transit , matters related to your love life, marriage life and business look good during February and March, Libra.

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Career growth looks slow during July and August Control your spending near October A rise in income seems likely during August and September Anger and aggression might lead to clashes with your partner or spouse during November and December. Mars Transit for Scorpio: Scorpio, the Mars transit brings good news.

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As starts, new as well as existing love relations seem to flourish. If married, around April, relation with spouse might suffer.

Career and your reputation would considerably improve after mid-August. Avoid traveling after 23rd June, as it might stress you out. Near the end of , expenses are likely to rise and would mostly be on yourself.

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Mars Transit for Sagittarius: The Mars transit looks promising, Sagittarius, with chances of enhanced luxuries in your life. The months of February and March seem good for love relations and children, if you have any. From mid-August onwards, luck would favor you and profitable long journeys are on the cards. November and December show a rise in your income and improvements in children related matters.

mars transit in scorpio vedic astrology Mars transit in scorpio vedic astrology
mars transit in scorpio vedic astrology Mars transit in scorpio vedic astrology
mars transit in scorpio vedic astrology Mars transit in scorpio vedic astrology
mars transit in scorpio vedic astrology Mars transit in scorpio vedic astrology
mars transit in scorpio vedic astrology Mars transit in scorpio vedic astrology
mars transit in scorpio vedic astrology Mars transit in scorpio vedic astrology
mars transit in scorpio vedic astrology Mars transit in scorpio vedic astrology

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